hey yall…so i am getting requests that yall back home want to send the kids something, or help them in some way.  well, we planted some trees a few weeks ago.  we planted 23 trees at the primary school…i got pictures of the kids up on my flickr account, so check them out.  we measured them and will measure them again at the end of the term in late july.  the kids with the tree that has grown the most will win a prize.  the children whose trees are still alive will get a lesser prize.  so if yall want to finance these prizes, it would be a great way to provide aid to these children.  i will buy them notebooks and pencils and such…so send word if you want to help and i’ll give you details.  i only need one or two sponsors, so it is first come first serve.  thanks for the support and i’ll look forward to hearing from yall…much love.