Time…I usually have a lot of it.  Recently though, things have been moving quite quickly…well, faster than normal anyway.  We are having our Golob Festival here at the begining of March.  We will also have 5,000 students come to visit the site at the end of February.  So we are trying to get everything ready.  It is nice to have lots of projects to work on…but I do miss those free hours I had each day to day dream, write, play guitar, read, or just escape the heat in one of the caves.  Man, it is getting hot here.  I’m kind of use to it now…like 95 is ok, because it is so dry.  That is the temp in my house for the lighter parts of the day. 

 Anyway, I’m writing to share recent experiences with yall, not talk of the weather.  So…about a week ago, or maybe it was 2 weeks ago.  I don’t know, time is distorted here…nothing really to mark it with, all the days seem to blend together while at site.  Some days ago, a couple from Holland came through and I got to spend some time with them.  One of the benefits at being stationed at a tourist site is that I get to meet a bunch of great travelers with amazing stories.  This Dutch couple, they biked to Ghana…that is bicycled 10,500 km, spending 4 and a half months on the road, to Ghana.  They spent the night at the site, and the next morning I accompanied them on their day’s ride…the 15 km or so ride to Bolga.  They were great people.  I heard all about their travels, this not being the first long bike ride.  They have also traveld across Asia, New Zealand, and down the PCT in the States.  Anyway, the thing I took from meeting them is this.  Our perceived restrictions for doing things like this are manifested by us…and in so, if we only acted, instead of just dreamed, them we could actualized these amazing fantasies.  They were normal people like you or I…in great shape when I met them, but only decent shape when they started.  Ype told me that the training they had was just the first two weeks of the trip…they went at a comfortable pace, and they said, before you know it, you are treking through day-by-day, amazed at how your body is working.  They did say that one needs good equipement, proper diet while on the road, a little bit of planing (getting the required visas before hand and what not), and in their case, they suggested a companion, to push you and care for you on those days when you can only escape your souroundings as fast as you can peddle.  It is a cheap way to travel, and the best way to experience the destinations.  They even said that they had traveled through Iran on bike, saying that they were welcomed warmly and faced no obsticales while making the trip through.  I told them I don’t think I would be welcomed as kindly, being American…they told me I would be very surprised. 

 They have found what they love to do and are doing it, and God bless them for it.  There are other travelers I have met with similar dispositions…they are all open-minded, yurning to experience and understand, and because of this, I really enjoy talking to them. 

I gave them this blog address and told them to check it out.  Ype and Janet, if yall view this blog, please share some thoughts, we had a great conversation about balancing your life in The Netherlands with this life of wonderlust.  It was great to meet yall, and I’ll try and update yall with how the Golob Festival goes. 

Much love to all…share words.