January 2007

I wanted to post a querry to yall back home about the recent intervention in Somalia.  My only source of information is from the BBC…VOA hasn’t really discussed America’s bombing Somalia last Monday.  This is my exposure and a little of my opinion:  Ethiopia sent troops into Somalia, upon Somalia’s transitional governments request, to help run off the United Islamic Courts in southern Somalia.  Ethiopia denied having troops there for the first few days, then admited they did, but only because Somalia’s tranistional government requested them.  Somalians calling into the BBC all say they do not need more chaos.  They have been in unrest for so long, and no citizens want Ethiopia or any nation to get involved.  BBC listeners calling in kept assuming that America was at the core of the reason for Ethiopia getting involved.  This agrivated me because I didn’t think there was any reason for people to think this.  There was no evidence, people were just voicing their assumption because, well, not many people like America right now in the world.  I dismissed it, thinking they were entitled to their opinions and there was no signs of America’s involvement, so no reason to worry.  Then America bombed southern Somalia Monday, saying we were targeting terrorist groups associated with the American Embassy bombing a decade ago…oh why?  I don’t understand the action, and have little faith that reasons told are the true reasons.  American officials say that Somalia’s transitional government gave the go ahead.  But Somalian citizens calling into the BBC say that the transitional government is nothing more than an unwanted dictatorship that is just acting as a rubber stamp.  Now, I don’t know if yall are getting coverage across the lake, but if you are, what are some more details, what are your opinions, what does it seem are the majorities opinions.  Also, if anyone wants to comment on Bush’s request for more troops in Iraq, please feel free.  I don’t want this to offend anyone, so please keep your comments respectable.  Assumptions can cause lots of problems, so I don’t want to jump to any, nor would I want you to.  Share information and opinions and differenciate between the two.  Ok, please, share words with me, with us…I hope all is well, and much love.


My bike…it is my escape.  Lord I love it.  I have my sudo mountains that I live in, and now, with my bike, I can make the hour and a half trek to the White Volta River.  I am set.  I spent last Sunday by the river’s bank, reading my World Religion’s book (thanks Jim), and eating a whole watermelon (with salt)…they are at the end of the season and damn if I am going to enjoy this comfort food conservatively.  Anyway, point is…I love my bike.  I have amazing moutain trails for recreational riding to help me take my mind off of things.  I wish I could share pictures with yall of my village and the surounding area, it is amazing. 

 A little free writing to update yall as to the most interesting recent events:  I caught a picture of Albert (my pet mouse) hanging on the side of my food shelf, staring at my other house gest, a gecko.  A few days ago I turned down the chance to have a pet monkey…I know, what was I thinking.  But looking past the novelty of it, I don’t want one.  The girl who was trying to get rid of it said the monkey is like an infant child…she cries, has to sleep in bed with you, gets into everything, eats pens, and basically has to be watched at all hours of the day…so no thank you, Albert is enough for me.  I also found a scorpion yesterday.  I was putting the guitar away, getting ready to enjoy my cup of Earl Grey (thanks Aunt Marlene and Grandma) while listening to the BBC in my bed and I noticed him above my bed on my wall.  A small one too…not an emporer scorpion, which means he makes up for his lack in size by the potentcy of his sting.  I emptied some tupperware and put some rocks in there and made a home for him.  I released him today with my Ghanaian friend Francis (I call him Fresh), who thought I was mental for not killing it and then burning the remains…it didn’t hurt me, so couldn’t justify it.  I placed him up on the mountain where no one goes, don’t worry.  Work wise…we have the 50th anniversary of Ghana’s independence coming up March 6th, and after that the Golob Festival.  So we are trying to get the visitor’s center ready for the influx of tourists.  We are also trying to publicise the festival…invite the media as well as dignitaries…try and see if we can’t get them to see how beautiful a place Tengzug is, and how great it would be four our primary school to have a roof on the back two rooms.  So that is life in my small town Tengzug.  I want to write more, but I need to go buy locks in market for the visitor’s center bathroom…locals keep releaving themselves in there, not using the toilet (one of the many interesting hurdles our community needs to overcome).  Well, much love to all and send me words.

So the computers and Internet connection here…shotty at best.  In actuallity they aren’t all that bad, but I have tried to upload pictures with snapfish and flickr and on facebook, but it just takes to long and I usually have to try and download a software program that the computer is lacking.  So, no pictures as of yet…maybe never, but we will see.  Posts and comments…wordpress is not the fastest page, so it takes me a while and a lot of patients to post entries.  I want to reply to all those who have posted comments, but the capacity just isn’t here.  I love reading the responses to work (Lynne, Denise, Josh and all), it solidifies what I have been realizing.  If you want dynamic interaction with me on a topic, please email me…but don’t think that my lack of responses to your comments is a display of my interest…I can’t think of anything more that I enjoy than hearing opinions and news from home…so keep it up.  Ok, I’m going to attempt a post, if this computer cooperates.  Much love…